Sunday, October 1, 2023

Both Larrys knew...

Both Larrys knew that going back to the apartment was a mistake. They intended to head for the Voryon ship Chauvet. It was up near the ski basin outside of Santa Fe. Both Larrys drove around Santa Fe to see if they were being followed.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The wealthy Chilean...

The wealthy Chilean was the one responsible for the submarine that attacked Sweden in November of 2014. It was an unprecedented event as Sweden had always managed to stay neutral throughout history when war broke out. Not this time. Sweden became the target of the Chilean moneyman.

With an abundance of explosive ready nuclear material he had hired a small group of reckless individuals to make the journey into the Swedish waters. This was a tst to see what kind of reaction would be achieved.

The reason for the moneyman to do this was part of his plan to get back at the man that had put a love note in a bottle and dropped it in the ocean; only for it to arrive at the moneyman's hands. The moneyman knew the wealthy American, and he knew Sweden was one of many places the American kept his bank accounts.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Larry went to a lot of expense...

Larry went to a lot of expense to build a set of high powered electro-magnets into the sides of the Tuatara, ones strong enough that he could pull into a garage and quickly mount weaponry if needed, and then when done using the weapons he could turn off the electro-magnets and drop them off anywhere.

He envisioned when he might need to use such devices everywhere he would be traveling during battle.


In Chile, the man that picked up the glass bottle and read it was furious. He knew the handwriting of the person that wrote the letter, and he knew who the letter had been written to.

He too had been in love with this same woman.

In his disdain for this American and his hatred of all things American, he decided he would help the Israelis.

It began with the importation of nuclear material illegally from Australia, the world's foremost producer of explosive-ready Plutonium, Uranium, and radioactive Cobalt.


In the Outback, a kangaroo watched as another 400 short tons of uranium ore was dug up and dropped onto a  797F super truck.

At an ore refining plant, some people purposefully miscalculated the net weight of refined, weapons grade ore. The "missing" amount was collected and placed into ceramic containers, small ones. A pound of refined uranium weighs one pound and is about the size of a golfball. Each container contained 250 golfball size holders. The ceramic containers prevent radioactive exposure.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A rich billionaire by the name of...

A rich billionaire by the name of Terry Shokada, who made his money by accumulating land across the United States; he was rejected by the woman he was interested in. He became confused by this and didn't know what to do. She ditched him just before Halloween, 2008.

As a result he got in his car and went for a drive. He was living in Kansas City, Missouri. He drove and drove and drove. When he was done he had made it to San Diego. He hadn't been to the West Coast for a while.

He wrote out his feelings for her on a napkin he didn't use while at the Hotel Del Coronado. He drank a bottle of champagne, let the bottle dry out, then put his note in it and walked down to the beach. He waited a long while. He was watching for the tide to go out.

When the tide reversed he could see it. With his best toss he launched the bottle out into the surf, not realizing what his message was about to do.

The bottle floated out and became caught in the currents that sweep around the Pacific Ocean rim. It floated for quite a long time, it was about 7 years.

And then it found its way onshore. In Chile'.

Another guy found the bottle and picked it up... and took it out, he opened it up.

This guy was furious.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Cytoms were watching...

The Cytoms were watching what was happening along the area known as the First Coast. The areas from Maybport Naval Station to Ponte Vedra Beach are Atlantic Beach, Neptune, Jacksonville Beach, South Jacksonville Beach, and Ponte Vedra. Mayport is a naval station, Ponte Vedra is a rich retirement community with enclaves of political factions from all over the world living there. In between are the main beaches of Jacksonville.

The Cytoms were watching the destruction the ball lightning was making everywhere on the beaches. The glass domes were floating up into the air, and others were burying into the ground like the one Larry and the woman had gone up against.

Surfers and swimmers ran from the ocean when the globes came down to the beach, those that stayed found themselves in predicaments, some surfers were being blown out of the water and shredded to pieces like the bird and gator that had ventured too close to the hole the security guard had warned the police from.

A globe explodes, the insides come out like hot needles, not just hot though, and not just sharp like needles.

The penetration and slicing of tissue was fine, so fine what ever was hit stayed alive while it died.

Its own insides brought to the surface of its skin. This is what made the bird and gator turn red, the fine penetrations had so sliced up each creature their own blood trickled to the surface of each a like a tiny pin prick, but multiplied by thousands. And each little capillary-like hole went through the entire creature.

The Cytoms began to think this was a weapon they could put to work with, and win.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Cytoms had infected...

The Cytoms had infected everyone. When the infection rose in someone they became interested in warfare, or hand to hand combat, or a general conversational conflict that would lead to two people fighting in some fashion.

It was the thought process that was affected. People lost control of their common decent senses and would turn to quick and easy methods to defeat the other in the conflict.

The Israelis decided it was time to attack the US, and South America. The Prime Minister was in agreement that they couldn't merely stop at a religious land war, they had it in them to be genocidal. "It wasn't going to be enough," they kept repeating to themselves; these words in place of telling themselves of the true hate they harbor. The hate the Cytoms were festering in everyone. By the mere presence of the Cytoms the hate found ways to spread.

Talks of the cobalt bomb arose.

They all loved the ebola outbreak in Africa and how it was coming to the US, and Americans were freaking out over it.

The Cytoms infected everyone with this unknown element of unbridled hate.

Hate was the cure, hate was the anarchy, hate was the love, hate was the chaos. Pour it on thick like a chocolate sundae so it tastes good they thought.

It was getting it to trigger that was the trick.

They had ways to do this, social engineering, mental telepathy, books, media, music.

They sat and watched as chaos broke out everywhere.

The Cytoms love it. They love to hate. They had destroyed world after world, beings in numerous solar systems.

The Cytoms have ways to direct their hate.

Human beings were their twin partners in loving to hate. And humans love it, they love to hate.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

There were reports of...

There were reports of methane gas bubbles forming high in the atmosphere of Texas. The ones that had the taken their time to watch and learn about humans and Earth in general considered how the humans own social and scientific issues could be used against them, and then be made to defeat the humans. There was already pestilence, wars, weapons of war, and hate. The Cytom academics kept coming to the conclusion that Earth was a powderkeg primed to explode and destroy itself.

Bubbles of Cytom hate, bubbles of methane gas, ebola outbreaks, earthquakes, rising waters, so close to catastrophe but not quite there.

The ones watching and studying from outer space continued to speculate about how to tip the scales in favor of catastrophe.

They watched how the United States would put one leader in power in a country and then a few years later remove that person and place a different favorite in power.

Destabilization is what it was called, under the guise of bringing stability to a region.


The air was filled with glitter, chafe, and other particulate matter. Larry was driving through the midst of it as fast as he could to stay ahead of bombardment. Occasionally aerial blasts would ignite the clouds of material floating in the air, setting off secondary, even larger aerial blasts.

When these were low enough, Larry could feel the impact wave. He wondered if he could go any faster. Some of the larger blasts were low to the ground. Larry had to often make turns that were reflexive, and then figure out how to get back on course. He wasn't always ready and when the car would go up on two wheels, he had to judge whether staying balanced on two wheels was a good idea, or should he bring the car down on all four.

He wasn't always left with time to think.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The President was holding a weapon...

The President was holding a weapon. It was being reported that he had to use the weapon when something happened.

There was a story about a break-in at the Whitehouse, but that wasn't it. Larry's mind was becoming uncluttered. As his mind cleared he was able to recall what he had been seeing on the video panel in the precinct.

Edoba pushed Larry. Edoba was trying to get Larry further from the dimensionally nearby other two Larry's. The further he could get him away, the more time would go back to normal, the more Larry's mind would clear. He pushed Larry again.

"Don't push me," he stated quietly. The bird took off.

Edoba said: "Move, we have to get you away from here."

The video panel. The President had a weapon in his hand, but it wasn't because there had been a break-in. There was something else.

"What's going on," he asked himself.

"I can't believe it," He said.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The President was holding a weapon...

The President was holding a weapon. Larry remembered the video panel, the President was holding a weapon, he thought, "That's not so remarkable, he's had drones attacking people, why are they reporting this?"

He was outside the precinct thinking about what had happened inside. He had been brought in and then sat down while records about him were retrieved. And he remembered at the Capitol building the people who said they were here to help.

He saw the other Larry vanish, the bird took off and then landed, the stoplight was yellow.

The video panel was reporting another story of concern.

Edoba pushed the other Larry and as he vanished he said, "get to your car and go".

Larry looked at the other Larry. "This is weird," they thought. "yes it is," came the reply.

Edoba waited for the cars on the other side of the street. He was waiting for the speed they were traveling at to change.

The stoplight was red, and green.

The bird landed and looked at Larry.

Edoba pushed both Larrys around the corner of the precinct building, forcing one into the 412, the other he turned to and this Larry started to vanish.

The President was holding a weapon. Another break-in had occurred at the Whitehouse, but there was something else, on the video panel, a news report. About something happening in Washington, D.C.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

There was a concern...

There was a concern about the spread of the ebola virus. That it was going to mutate and then become airborne. The pic of the walruses being beached in Alaska without an icefloe to beach on was on Facebook, on all the news programs. A Wildlife expert proposed that with the lack of natural ice in the arctic, the jet stream was going to make a dramatic shift in untold ways.

Edoba pushed them some more.

The bird took off, and then landed, the stoplight was red, then green and then red again. The cars on this side of the street were moving slower.

Edoba pushed them again.

"What's going on," they asked, "I don't know," they replied in unison.

The bird landed just as it was taking off.

There was trouble. Somewhere.

Larry number three disappeared with another push by Edoba.

"Get to your car and go," Edoba ordered the disappearing Larry.

The cars on the other side of the street sped up, and the ones on this side of the street seemed to catch up to the others on the other side.

The bird flew away.

The video panel, he remembered something was going on that meant trouble.

Edoba kept pushing them...

Edoba kept pushing them.

It seemed like the further they got from each other, and the video panel, the more things seemed to speed up.

They walked out of the precinct. The cars closest on the street were moving very slowly.

Edoba thought to himself, "I have to get the three of them back into their timelines or this is going to be a real mess."

The cars on the far side of the street were moving faster. The stoplight up the street was green and red at the same time.

Larry looked at a bird that was taking off but when he looked again it had just landed.

"How is this possible?" he asked himself.

"I don't know," the three of them replied. Edoba kept pushing them.

The bird took off, and then landed again.

It seemed like everything was starting to speed up again.

The video panel...there was a news story about the President, holding a weapon, talking to the camera.

The stoplight was still red and green.

The bird landed.

The ebola virus was spreading. That was the other news story.

The President is holding a weapon...

The President is holding a weapon.

Everyone is moving very slowly Larry thought. All three Larrys looked at Edoba who was in turn looking at the video panel. It was showing the President holding a weapon, and the news announcer was talking about something strange happening, in Washington, D.C.

"What is the President doing holding a weapon?" Larry thought.

"I don't know," the Larrys answered each other.

Edoba was watching the video panel.

The President was holding a weapon, and was talking to the camera, telling us something.

"What's he doing?"

"I don't know" came back the response.

Edoba pointed the way out, it seemed like he took forever to move his arm into a pointing direction.

"Go that way," he said.

The three Larrys came to a complete halt.

"To Washington, D.C.?" they thought.

Edoba pushed them.

Everyone came almost entirely to a stop...

But they didn't stop. They were moving ever so slightly.

"What just happened?" They said to each other.

The video panel was still playing at normal speed, Washington, D.C. Something about Washington, D.C.

Edoba was watching the video panel, he didn't seem to be affected by whatever it was that was affecting the three Larrys.

"Edoba," Larry asked.

Edoba ignored him, he was intent on the video panel. The new story is about Washington, D.C. and the outbreak of the ebola virus in Houston, No it's Dallas, Dallas, TX.

There was a picture of the President, on the video panel, which was still moving at normal speed.

The three Larrys could hear each others' thoughts, the same thoughts, a little out of step with each other, echoes, in their minds.

"Edoba," Larry asked.

The President was on the video panel now, Edoba was watching it.

They didn't completely stop, they were moving, slightly.

The President was holding a weapon....

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Everyone came almost entirely to a stop...

Everyone came almost entirely to a stop. As Larry sat there watching the video panel Edoba was moving the other two Larrys into this timeline. This created a dysfunction in all three timelines. This timeline, the one with the "first" Larry, started to come to a halt. A localized time well coming to a freeze point. Everywhere else outside this time-well, time stayed at regular speed.

Edoba was able to walk into the precinct unnoticed and talk with Larry.

The video panel kept playing normally. An announcer broke in with an emergency broadcast, there is trouble in Washington, D.C. Another break in at the Whitehouse, different this time though. Larry was catching parts of it as Edoba was explaining himself, and also somewhat bewildered by how everyone had seemingly come to a complete halt around him.

And then the other two Larrys walked in.

The broadcast... now stating something else. Larry's mind daydreaming, yet present, yet, his thoughts and the other two Larrys, the same, they all were paying attention to their thoughts, Edoba, the video panel, everything but the video panel stopped, the video panel moving, their thoughts, swimming thoughts.

Edoba was aware of what was happening. The three Larrys suffering a kind of doping from being in the same time-well and timeline, a kind of stationary feedback loop was occurring, he knew they would be sensing each others' thoughts, and drifting into a daydream-like state of mind.

He looked at the video panel. The new story was playing out on the screen.

The three timelines all connected, creating one time-well crossing into three universes, all three Larrys connected, the time-well physics forcing the impossible to occur, Edoba watching the video panel. All four of them looking at the video panel.

Their minds all think the same thought at the same time, "Whats going on here?" And this thought echo played out in each of their minds. And this thought echo played out in each of their minds. And this thought echo played out in each of their minds. They looked at each other. "What just happened?" They looked at each other.

Then back at the video panel. The new story... Washington, D.C.

Everyone came almost entirely to a stop...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Larry had a microwave cannon in the Volvo...

Larry had a microwave cannon in the Volvo. He thought about using it. Training a microwave cannon on a car energizes the metal of the car, and when the charge is great enough, it fries important parts of the electrical system, and the car rolls to a stop, totally disabled.

Larry thought better of it. The police stopped him and ID'd him. They took him to the local precinct. While Larry was sitting waiting the local video panel came on that an Ebola victim was in Houston. He decided that if he gets out of this okay, he is going to head towards Cheyenne. He didn't think the Volvo was going to make it at this point but he was in go with the flow mode at the moment.

As he sat there he noticed some odd things start to happen. It appeared that everyone was slowing down.

Edoba had decided he couldn't have any of the Larrys get caught at this point, so he intercepted the one that had gone the other way.

"I am going to move you into another timeline, I am going to move three Larry DeVaryos into the same timeline," he stated.

"What will that do?" the present Larry asked.

"It will allow two of you to help the third, and preserve at least one of you. A cascading event is about to occur. These events have catastrophic results if they aren't handled quite right." Edoba went on to explain that the two other timeline Larrys were going to get the third Larry out of the police precinct house, and help him to get going in the opposite direction, away from the recently announced ebola virus that had just arrived in the United States, in Houston.

"It is imperative that one of you survive this epidemic that is going to hit."

Larry looked at Edoba, Edoba saw the question in this Larry's mind, and simply said, "Not now, I'll explain later, we need to go."

Monday, September 29, 2014

Radios were going off about the incident in the square.

Radios were going off about the incident in the square. An officer in charge made the connection to Larry DeVaryo and a radio report went out with a description of the Volvo and the man and to find him.

Larry had driven around town and was hoping that acting non-chalant would allow him to not attract any attention and then he could get back to the Chauvet and leave.

He pulled into La Montanita grocery lot. A car wash is at the top of the lot. He pulled in to wash the car and try and act like nothing was happening.

He opened the hood and for reasons unknown to him he hosed down the entire engine underneath the hood.

He got back in a turned the key. Two patrol cars were driving by.

As Larry turned the key he hadn't realized he had gotten the ignition coil terminals wet, the Volvo backfired, the shot scared people for blocks, made Larry's ears start to ring and the two squad cars halted to see what was up.

A moment later Larry was outside the Volvo and could see the muffler and exhaust piping laying on the ground underneath the car. He silently cursed himself, then looked to see the two squad cars heading into the parking lot. He picked up the muffler and piping, threw open the back door and shoved all of into the rear of the station wagon, then hopped around to the front door of the car and got in. When he started the Volvo it sounded like a dragster revving at a starting line.

Larry wasn't used to so much noise. He repeated the curses from a few moments earlier.

The squad cars turned on their flashing lights heading Larry's way.

"Larry DeVaryo?", came the question again.

"Larry DeVaryo?", came the question again.

Again Larry said "No."

"Mr. DeVaryo, we're here to help you," a statement that caught both Larrys off guard.

"We aren't from Earth." And again a sidelong glance at an iPad device.

Edoba was waiting for the right moment. He was going to join the two Larrys into a third reality where this chase wasn't taking place at this time. He was going to join them, and then let both Larrys walk from the people after them, and then separate each Larry back into their own timelines and realities, this gives the appearance of both disappearing behind a pillar of the Capital building in one reality, re-appearing in the next reality, and then disappearing again into the original reality. Edoba was good at this. When it happened the person asking the question of Larry found themselves speaking into open space on the Capital steps, where Larry had been, but Larry hadn't waited for the comparison with the iPad to complete and Larry didn't hear the person state they weren't from Earth. Both Larrys walked away and around a pillar, thus seemingly disappearing.

Both Larrys headed for the old Volvo 412 he had parked off to one side of the capital building. Everyone in town parked there as it wasn't metered and had great access to most of downtown Santa Fe.

The people on the capital building steps started to look about.

The two Larrys, back in their own timelines, fired up the 412 and drove off.

Edoba began to wonder when he would be able to re-sync the other Larry to these two. He wondered about the consequences of his actions.

The third twin...

The third twin headed the other way in the tunnel. It took this Larry up to the Inn of the Governors where he emerged from a maintenance closet via a similarly covered tunnel doorway as the one at the St. Francis. He dusted himself off as he came out, turned and walked out onto West Alameda. This put him on the greensway of the Santa Fe river. He followed it downhill quickly.

The other two Larrys were looking the questioning person right in the eyes.

"No", Larry replied.

The questioning person broke out an iPad and held it up, apparently checking a photo alongside the person in front of him.

"Larry DeVaryo?", the question was asked again.

This made both Larrys tense.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

While in the tunnel one Larry went one way...

While in the tunnel one Larry went one way... the other two went up to the Santa Fe Capitol building.

This posed a problem for Edoba. While he was the most skilled among voryons as a controller of plural multiverses no one is a true multitasker. He can see quickly between one parallel universe and another but he can't keep his gaze on more than one at a time. When the one Larry DeVaryo went the other way in the tunnel, taking this Larry up through the underground passage that lead to the Palace of the Governors, Edoba missed it. Edoba knew this could and probably would happen, a splitting of the three Larrys. He risked the three way split of Larry anyway so as to allow for an advantage later on in all three universe timelines.

He hoped any issues might be minimal, but it was only a hope.

As Larry emerged, and his 2/3 twin also did he noticed that not only a single person but it seemed as though several other people in the area of the Capitol entrance took unusual notice of him. He watched as unspoken cues were motioned between them, and then their gazes returned to him.

Edoba watched. If a fight ensued he would even up the score a little and hope Larry would go with the flow and take the change Edoba planned in stride.

Larry kept still looking about. He thought if something were to happen he may as well face it and deal with it now.

One of the government issue types started to close the distance towards Larry. Larry started an unconscious inventory of what he had on him he could use to his advantage.

"Larry DeVaryo?" came the question.

Larry paused before answering looking past this person at the others he also suspected, it seemed like they went to a readiness stance. Larry bent over a little and brushed off some of the dirt from the tunnel.

The Earth was welling up with vibrations.

The Earth was welling up with vibration. It was just like Tesla had said except no one knew it was coming. The incessant pounding in prior years from industry, and now the incessant pounding from the planet wide galactic battle between Earth, Vorion and the Cytom energy.

Larry didn't mean for this to happen.

The Earth had stored so much Extremely Low Frequency energy, ELF, the energy had no where else to go but out.

Planet Earth was about to fight back.

There was a second group of government...

There was a second group of government people that had been enlisted to find Larry. They had been planted through-out Santa Fe in the hopes of glimpsing him with orders to observe, follow, do not engage, and report.

When Larry appeared at the doorway leading out of the capital building he thought he picked up on someone paying a little too much attention to him.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Larry hadn't been paying attention...

Larry hadn't been paying attention... About 30 feet away from him when he was riding his skateboard was a plain clothes officer.

Larry kicked away his skateboard,

Larry kicked away his skateboard, he sited it in his mind in case he had to come back for it. He turned and started running. He wanted to get past the wave of government vehicles heading his way and then come in from behind like he was part of the crowd. The crowd freaked out around Larry's two kids. The pandemonium worked its way out ward slowly, not everyone on the square understood what happened, some thinking it was just fireworks, or perhaps an auto backfire. But as screams yelled out and people began to run, the occurrence spread. People began falling over each other. In the middle of the square a group of latinos were playing a game, ambivalent as to what happened a short ways away. The game involves a kind of large top-like spindle that can be lassoed with some string, whirled and then tossed onto the area between the players. The game is intense and part of it is to keep the top spinning.

Larry ran from East Palace to East San Francisco, then  went into La Fonda and worked his way back through the hotel and out the other side. He saw cars with lights heading toward the square. Larry went to the left out of the back of La Fonda and followed East Water to Cathedral and went back up to Palace and back towards the square.

Larry stopped behind the squad cars then walked across the street onto the square itself, avoided the spindle top as it came near him. He looked over where his kids were.

Edoba wondered why he risked himself after doing what he had just done.

Larry went clear across the square as more official cars showed up and police and government types poured out into the area everywhere.

Larry headed downhill. Made his way over to the Hotel St Francis, ducked inside the lobby and walked over to the check-in booth, behind which is a kind of dumb-waiter door. He threw it open and jumped down into the tunnel underneath the hotel. He knew this was here from having checked in a long time ago and at another time, on a romantic walk of Santa Fe with a tour guide telling about ghost stories of Santa Fe. The guide had let it be known the tunnel leads up to the capitol building.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Larry thought about what he had just done.

Larry thought about what he had just done.

Edoba looked on from a location where Larry couldn't see him.

The shots had given people in La Fonda reason to drop their plates.

Larry didn't look back at the results, he kept moving on into the next alley across the sidewalk. He was blubbering with tears. And now his fears grew.

The enclave of apartment watchers at his apartment on Baca Street heard the news on scanner. Suddenly there was a contingent of government issue vehicles headed up to the square. They had been trying to pin Larry down for the longest time.

Larry wasn't sure but thought he was ready. "Don't anticipate, you will have to go with the flow if plans fail." Those thoughts rang in his ears just now.

Edoba changed the timeline and Larry didn't know it. Edoba knew he was violating fundamental rules of time and existence by doing what he did. Each time someone did this, he knew the timeline snaps back with a different set of unexpected outcomes.

Larry didn't know it, he had been split into 3 different realities. And Edoba had to follow him into each.

And Time did its thing.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Subaru WRX wasn't up to speed yet....

The Subaru WRX wasn't up to speed yet... Larry had been putting bolt-on parts onto it. He remembered his friend Fred telling him the difference between the grease monkeys that put bolt-on gear on their cars, and the guys that beat those croutons was the fine tuning. Fred had showed Larry how, when using a timing light to set the spark plug firing pattern, the pros didn't stick with what the manuals determined, the hot dogs could hear the harmonic of the engine when it was firing at top performance. A few thousandth of an inch difference on the timing and where the distributor was set, a few thousandth of an inch between being just a wannabe spark plug mechanic and the mouse that roared and came across the finish line first.

Fred had a line of Championship cups to prove his point. It wasn't lost on Larry that to be ready for the battle coming out of the sky, he was going to have to have cars tuned to perfection, unconventional weaponry, and a calm, cool collected attitude. Larry was a pinball wizard. Taking your fingers off the flipper buttons was a mistake, that extra distance between your finger and the button made all the difference for flip happy pinball.

He spent time studying air pressure for tires, buying p-type rubber tires for best traction, and coming up with places to put cars so when when was taken out, he'd have another to ride, or had a way to steal a convenient vehicle so he could stay on the move.

He took into account what he was going to wear. Most everything had to breathe and also be flame proof.

He thought about carrying oxygen in some form.

He thought about putting nitrous on the WRX.

He thought about the BEDE 5 microjet. He had not only seen one fly in person, he knew where one that still flew was. "The most sensitive jet ever made". It had been designed with two different sets of wings. A long set, for lower speed flight and efficiency, and a short set of v-wings for high perf and wild aerobatics.

Larry rolled out on his skateboard...

Larry rolled out on his skateboard. He had two Springfield Arms 1911 with him and was rolling down a back alley in Santa Fe. His two children were about to cross the square and Larry was going to time his passage across Palace Avenue in time with their crossing. His iPhone app was allowing him this precise timing, and to see them as they sauntered unknowingly toward their sibling doom.

Larry had reason enough to want them to perish, he wasn't proud of what they had become at all.

He could see that moment in his father's basement, when he sat on the high chair, and had hit both dangling electric cords at the same time with one shot. He envisaged the same with his two children. He decided, and pushed off with his left foot.

He had chambered two waterbullets, one in each 1911, just in case he missed. He could hear music from AC/DC playing, this comforted him at first but as he kept rolling, and started to realize what he was about to do, what he had to, his eyes started to well up with tears.

How do you justify taking away your kids lives?

Larry knew the answer already, he had been living with it for some time, ever since these two had graduated. It had been college life that had twisted them.

"I am not sure how we can eradicate the Cytom enitity, the cytom trait...

"I am not sure how we can eradicate the Cytom entity, the cytom trait from all humans, and then be sure it will not re-emerge, as traits are part of the genes and the genes store such traits in case they are needed to re-emerge, to re-establish the species."

"Global eradication of the species is possible," Teskela revealed. The Voryons had done it before. And a new species had become dominant. The Voryons didn't want to eliminate humanity, they had come to love the specialized qualities of their Arts and Sciences, of all that humans have to offer, but the cause of people's willingness to fight was growing globally.

"You call it apocalypse, and ascribe religious values to it. It is arrogant to think what is happening here hasn't happened elsewhere, chaos is a norm, born out of so called freedom and speciality."

"At best it is an experiment, at worst it destroys those that live it."

"You cannot have good without bad," Samra, one of Larry's genetic twins retorted.

"Yes you can," came the reply, and you can "detune" the hate to a degree where uniformity isn't the end result, and that a large degree of speciality can co-exist, and produce both an interesting culture and longevity. So that people don't become bored with themselves, and elevated warring doesn't take place. There will always be those that don't have, and those prepared to take what isn't theirs and wrongfully so. But at that point reason and opportunity to channel that negativity into positivity has to occur, thus short circuiting the hatred."

"There is in fact so much hatred on earth that there is a kind of supernatural bubble of it that floats around the planet. This bubble of hate inflates itself, look at the middle east, look at Central American societies where cartels see no other way except to usurp reason, project hate, destroy civility, civilians, toward their own dominant ends, and then bring down the interesting specializations of art, education and science, so it dwindles to nothing, and hope fades like a dewdrop in the scorching sun."

"There are a couple ways to "pop" the bubble of hate. At the sublime end is the tale of the ten kings."

The Battle of the Ten Kings


Teskela explained that:"The Macsod galaxy lies 13.5 billion light years away at the near edge of the known universe. It was among the first galaxies born after the Big Bang. For millenia and eons civilizations had grown, matured, died off, and started anew.

"Emotion, logic, productivity, society, developments of typical and atypical peoples. Differences beyond belief had existed. The tiniest of which, with the most memory capability, and with a regimental uniform aspect to it called the Megiddon had survived throughout a thousand ages, a thousand societies that had been built and fallen, only for they to remain.

"They were microbial, and sentient, aware of their surroundings and able to image the large scales of other peoples that existed while they existed. They were asexual, and multisexual, able to have from none to a hundred parings.

"They had determined that uniformity was an evolutionary task they had to maintain, specialization among their kind had led to the near eradication of them several times, and their own recordings, and the Megiddon that analyzed the after math of their history pointed to it over and over again, it was specialization that lead to weakness in their social order.

"Uniformity bread longevity, at the sacrifice of creativity. If a species were to survive though longevity was the final factor.

"To achieve the successful longevity desired, the desired uniformity, they realized all negativity had to be removed. Our anthropologists have a term for this, the term slips my memory at this time." He looked at her as she took all of this in.

He continued: "They took all of their hate and put it into what we call the Cytom, a large Megidite by comparison to the others, not microbial in size at all. It can be easily seen."

"Then they took it to Earth, where it planted itself into the humans, which is why they love to hate.

"A single secret entity, secret to them anyway, controls their emotions. They can't help themselves, they are programmed to fight, to hate, to dispel goodness and achieve annihilation of their own species, by becoming specialized."

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Larry eventually decided...

Larry eventually decided that any kind of cross country battlefield vehicle was going to have to be both rugged and almost unstoppable. He remembered days out in the fields with a Volkswagon beetle. They had limited slip traction, were extremely light, had an air cooled engine, which meant almost next to nothing for repairs, and were water tight. They can float on water.

Larry also wanted a vehicle to be extremely fast. While the Bugatti 110 and the Hennessey GT were bitchin' cars, Larry had a thing for Carol Shelby and his super cars. They didn't get that name lightly. It was the Ford GT40 that had upset Ferrari as the world leader in Grand Prix racing. "Don't under estimate Ford when they decide they want to do something", his friend had said.

Larry thought about the Tuatara. There is an air of unknowingness about them. Larry had read the Popular Mechanix article about the top 50 sports cars in the world and was a little surprised that PM hadn't caught up to the Tuwey. "That may be on purpose though," he thought to himself. Some things in this world word of mouth advertising may not be the best way to advertise. There may be an esoteric group of people that had decided from the onset of the production of the Tuwey that keeping it to themselves was a better idea. Larry agreed with this thinking when he did a Google, and all the images that came back were repeats of posts. Someone or some group of people were keeping pics of the Tuatara off the web on purpose.

Larry figured he was going to have to have some plans about vehicles being stashed here and there for any kind of a battlefield theatre.

He was going to start with a little brute Subaru WRX original body type. It is illegal to put an electro-plate mirror finish on a car as it makes it almost invisible to see, and that violates DOT laws. From the sides, with a mirror finish, a car disappears into its own reflection.

It didn't work from above though. A mirror finish made for an easy target as blue sky on grey road tar was high contrast and not hard to determine.

Larry was going to put a scrape plate underneath the WRX and coat it with imaging film. He also added the same kind of imaging film to the top surfaces of the car. Then he connected the imaging from underneath to the film imaging on top and so the grey of the road was transferred to the top side of the WRX, and then, visually from above, made the car next to impossible to pin down.

Larry had also worked...

Larry had also worked for a small arms and munitions company that developed water bullets. They had taken a mold for a typical hollow point, filled it with water and dropped it into liquid nitrogen. Then they dipped it into liquid hydrogen. This put a super hard coating on the encased shape.

Wearing latex gloves and extracting the bullets inside they then fired these on a test range with interesting results. Over time the bullets melted of course. They also melted while en route to their target. But for the first 700 feet they maintained their hardness and piercing capability. What they ended up with was a bullet with all the piercing and striking power, that created minimal damage, still had effective killing ability, and left no trace of itself, other than water.

Various solutions were used. Water with nano particles of iron, phosphorous, which had the effect of incinerating tissues once inside the body, as did potassium permanganate, and when combined with magnesium and titanium nano particles created a thermite bullet. When one of these hit someone it might appear as if the person spontaneously combusted with no telltale forensic indications that a bullet had been fired.

And along with nano solutions a type of metal shaft, like a needle, was also encased inside the water bullets. In some cases these needles were also bored out the length of the needle. When laid inside a water bullet, accuracy of travel went up 65 % as the small capillary-like tube inside the center of the waterbullet acted like a shaft, guiding the bullet along a very true path.

These needles were also capable of being enhanced. Don't ever let anyone tell you there is such a thing as depleted uranium. Figure it out. Uranium has a half life of about 4.5 billion years, even U235 sticks around for 700 million years. DU used in US munitions has 60% of the radioactivity of natural uranium.

And these bullets can also go the other way. It was discovered someone could be shot from a mile away and become vaccinated with whatever medicine or bacterium or other material you wanted inside of that person, and all the recipient would think was that they had been bit by a mosquito or horsefly.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Larry kept thinking about the car.

Larry kept thinking about the car to use going cross country. It had to be rugged and fast, able to be shot at and still keep going.

He had looked through plenty of magazines, read a lot of material about cars that were bullet proof and shock proof in many other ways.

He enjoyed playing Need for Speed and liked the way the Dodge Viper seem to take a beating in the game, but he realized that such a car would be a dog if it had to go across serious terrain off road.

He couldn't make up his mind.

He said, "Don't give him a gun."

He said, "Don't give him a gun."

The reply was, "Why?"

He didn't respond.


Larry had pondered the type of car to use in case war broke out and he had to go cross country. He thought back to when he worked on Hummers. He had spent some time working for a group that put high performance after builds on hummers. That team had built units for the Mayor of Moscow, which later got stolen, and other units for racing in the sand dunes outside of Kuwait.

One of the customers was a guy by the name of Wally. Wally made his money from buying old classic airplanes and refurbishing them to a new state. Wally was cool.

Larry learned from Wally. Wally had reconfigured the chassis and drive train on his hummer, and started doing the same for others that found out what he did. Hummers had a flaw. Well probably more than one, but Wally zeroed in on one in particular. The trans axles were all different lengths. It meant you had to carry 4 trans axles on each hummer in order to have a spare in case the CV joints or a trans axle busted. With Wally's adjustment to the chassis, you could carry one or two trans axles and get away with it because he made the undercarriage adapt to a single length axle. If you had to travel light weight you could do so with one spare, but if you were smart, you kept two around, for that just in case moment.

Larry was also fond of the Springfield Arms 1911 long barrel. It is in fact a terrible gun. It is heavy and awkward in a number of ways, it doesn't balance well in the hand. The slide has an issue with not having been tooled correctly and occasionally will pop right off while the pistol is being fired. Larry retooled his. He liked them because of the fit in his hands.


He thought about repeating himself but he didn't, he hoped it was enough to warn his partner about Larry.

Larry's dream started to unfold.

Larry's dream began to unfold. The ships arriving in the sky, the massive shadows blotting out the sun. Alien soldiers marching across the countryside. He was freaking out a little as he continued work on his next project.

Larry had been working on a car that would allow him to go cross country if he needed. At the same time countries around the world were preparing to repel the invasion by inviting it in. Huge electromagnet installations were being built. Modular but enormous they started to speckle the countryside, city buildings vacant parking lots.

These electromagnetic units, when turned on, pull the alien ships and travel craft out of the sky and lock them against the unit itself, locking all on the ground. Peripheries of weapons were set up around these installations. Once a ship or craft was held tight, the encircling weapons turn on them and fire, destroying what once flew.